A Video Vignette of Graham York

This is the first of what (I hope) will become a series of Video Vignettes for this blog. My grand plan (such as it is) will be to focus on people connected to the Rare Book Trade, and some items that catch my eye.  In the lead up to the Chelsea book fair, it is fitting that I start with Graham York from Honiton, who is the fair manager of the Chelsea fair.

If you haven’t yet got your ticket for Chelsea, then it is not too late – you can get one by clicking on the logo beneath.

chelsea logo

I hope to see you there. Don’t forget to come and say hello at stand 59 (In the small hall). Gifts of chocolate rarely offend!

One thought on “A Video Vignette of Graham York

  1. Hi Marc. I’m not sure about how one replies to a blog- is there an etiquette of blogging?-and I don’t usually read them, but I felt I should take up my digital pen to send you a bit of feedback on yours. I remember chatting to you a few years ago and hearing you talk about how the future of bookselling would involve getting into tweeting, facebook, texting and so on. I’m still a techno-Luddite at heart but realise that most of my trade is now conducted on line in all its various forms. I have tried and failed to use a smart phone and refuse to go on facebook, but I suspect that along with most PBFA members there’s not much of a future for us unless we get to grips with selling on line in some way or another.
    So picking up on some of your observations on using various methods of payment for our business, from credit cards to Paypal, I wondered if there’s room for possible future discussion via your blog or through the PBFA newsletters on the pros and cons of the different bookselling sites on the internet and also on the strengths and weaknesses of the various delivery or mail companies that seem to be competing for our business alongside what remains of the post office.
    I know that I don’t want to sell on ABE- for several reasons, not least of all because of their greed and dominance-but found myself without a decent alternative site when the plug was pulled on UK BookWorld last year. I’m now with Antiqbook after a short and unsuccessful flirtation with Bookzangle. However in terms of actually sales as a proportion of books listed I have had some good results through the new official improved PBFA site, but there we are limited to 40 items and it’s quite a slow and somewhat lengthy process to actually upload them.

    I hope this is the sort of thing that you were expecting in response to your cyber musings. It’s been good to read something so interesting and forward –looking. I know I’m one of the more passive (i.e. I don’t get off my backside to do many fairs) type of member but I thought my ramblings might prove there’s someone out there. I do actually have an excuse this autumn as I’m slowly and gently breaking in a new knee, hence the time on the net, but I’m still out there in spirit and can’t seem to stop buying stuff. It’s just the selling that has to be done differently.
    Best wishes from Bristol,
    Arthur Hook


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