Proud dad at Kensington


Saturday 12th December was the start of a busy weekend for us. Marcia and I travelled to London to be part of the PBFA Kensington Book Fair. Many thanks to Deborah Davis of McHardy Rare Books and her wonderful team for putting on another great fair. We had a thoroughly enjoyable day, and made more money than last year – which is always a good result.

There is a panoramic photo and short panoramic video of the fair so that you can see it in all its glory.

I have cornered John Atkinson to feature in this weeks video. Not only is he a fine chap, but he has recently become a father for the first time. Having met Lottie at the York Fair (Lottie is Ali Bird’s daughter – so from a proud line of booksellers herself!) they went on to become a couple, and now little Joss has joined the PBFA family. (Well he will have when he pays his subs in January!). If you are anywhere near Darlington, then do pay John a visit.

Of far more interest to most of us, and already better looking than dad, is the photo of Joss below. joss_atkinson


And in an update from the York fair, I’ve managed to get a snap of a somewhat shocked Lottie with Joss (sorry Lottie).


I have managed to gain a few more snippets at Kensington – which I will put into future blogs (I can’t give up all my goodies at once!)






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