Cambridge is coming….

It is that time of year again, and all thoughts turn to Cambridge (well mine do anyway). The PBFA Cambridge fair is set in the fabulous Guildhall. If you haven’t been, this is a lovely building, right in the centre of Cambridge, next to the market and all of the shops. Not that many of us will have much time for anything other than the books, with 75 dealers and some lovely food in the café. free ticket cambridge

You can find more information about the fair and get a ticket by clicking on the book picture here. Naturally, I wouldn’t let this opportunity pass without an interview with the lovely Sarah Key from the Haunted Bookshop who manages the fair with a tad of assistance from Phil Salin.  


PBFA Publicity and promotion

Now there is a lot of alliteration!

At the NEC we have been concerned for some time that fair managers need support in putting on fairs on behalf of our members, and we have been looking at a variety of ways to “lighten the load” for them.  We have also been aware that our members rely on people through the doors, and people spending money at the fairs to keep them in business!

As a result, one of the projects that we put into place was the appointment of a marketing / publicity freelancer to support the Association.  Late last year, we appointed Pritida Desai to work on our behalf.  She has been busy streamlining our Twitter and Facebook offerings, and has recently finished a “guide to successful tweeting” which will be distributed soon.

As well as getting the word out through social media, Pritida has been working on more traditional media to increase the numbers coming to the fairs. This will, of course, be a gradual process, but we hope that her work will have the double benefit of making fair managers feel slightly less alone, and of raising our profile.

Here is a brief chat with Pritida taken at the January York fair.

If you have any photos / stories / ideas for media or social media stories that could boost fairs, please send them to Pritida as

If you see her at a fair (and she will be popping up at various events) be sure to say hello – she is very friendly.

Another project we have embarked upon is the re-working of the fair manager guide and information packs – but more about that another time.


York January Fair

Despite the recent flooding, the proximity to Christmas (although that york_wetdoes seem a long time ago) and the ETC fair the following day, over a hundred dealers made the long trek north (or south for some) to York.

Here is a small selection of pictures from the fair for your delectation:

Mr Fothergill is completing his take slip!


The View from Above.

Mr Bird and Mr Smithson at York