A trip to Cheltenham

I went down to visit Mark Skipper at Cheltenham Rare Books this week.a_cheltenham_rare_books1

He has long been on the book fair circuit selling a variety of Modern First Editions and signed books. Recently he has opened a shop in the heart of Cheltenham.

Mark is still awaiting planning permission for his permanent sign – so the railings have to do for now. Inside though, everything is looking very pretty, with lots of collectable modern literature to peruse.

Mr Skipper refused to be videoed himself, as he hadn’t shaved on the day I visited (it is true- he did look like the scruffy Skipper we know and love) but he allowed me to do a quick 360 degrees tour of the shop.

He also brought me a very nice lunch around the corner – so i shall forgive his shyness.

Cheltenham Rare books is next door to Peter Lyons bookshop – so there are at least two reasons to visit Cheltenham now! It is also situated opposite the Town Hall – so we shall be expecting a new PBFA fair here in the near future!

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