Tom Lintern Mole & Oxford 2016 & Sabotage

At Cambridge I ran into Tom Lintern Mole from Antiquates. He is now managing the Oxford Premier Fair, along with Conor Pattenden – so has his hands full. He found time for a quick plug though:

Please don’t forget that the fair is moving for this year. Building works at the Headington Campus mean that we have to go down the road to their Wheatley campus. This year’s address is: Oxford Brookes Wheatley Campus, Wheatley, Oxford OX33 1HX

free ticket image Click here for a free ticket to the Oxford Fair

Whilst interviewing Tom, I was finally able to capture my nemesis in the act. Neil Summersgill Who I suspect is in the pay of Amazon or some other nefarious group, has been hiding behind me and making many of my interviewees laugh. Here at Industry & Idleness we don’t encourage laughter!

Here is the proof for all too see of his terrible behaviour. I shall expect a written apology when I next see him.


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