Junction bookshop & Gerry’s other career

Whilst at York in January, I caught up with Gerry and Glenda. I doubt there is anyone in the PBFA who doesn’t realise how important this couple are. Way back when i was playing in the sandpit in my parents garden (and many years before Tom Lintern-Mole was even a junctiongleam in his father’s eye) Gerry and Glenda were instrumental in setting up the PBFA. We all owe them a big debt of thanks for giving us a chance to continue to make a living out on the road (or blame them if you prefer).

These days, they are based at the Junction bookshop. click on the photo to go to their website!

I was looking up some PBFA bits on the internet the other day, and came across this You-tube link. I have been trying to work out which of our dealers is working as a music producer under the name PBFA – I think it may be Gerry moonlighting with an earlier (or later) project.

Who-ever they are, I think we should adopt them as our official music makers. What more proof that the PBFA is on trend with those young people (I am banned at home from saying “down with the kids”)

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