The Weirdness of Victorians

It is a well know fact that the Victorians were an odd bunch. Honestly, they were very strange. From their obsession with sewers to the colonial eccentricities. From their bizarre sports rules to the madcap mustaches. It probably all stems from the public school system – but who knows.

Anyway – I know this is a busy time of year for everyone, so I have been off searching for the best in weird and wonderful Victorian Christmas cards – just to save you the trouble. I hope you enjoy these, and that they bring some light and joy into your Christmas holidays.


Because nothing says  Christmas like the robbery and murder of a frog.

I am sure the inspiration for Chewbaka started here.

Eating fat children is always a possibility if the turkey runs out!


But he is dead – DEAD – how sick is that – share the joy of the death of a little bird.



A mouse riding a lobster – it must be Crimbo.

This Christmas wish with you abide. Victorian Christmas card

If the relatives annoy you too much……


This is the way my wife makes me eat her Christmas pudding as well.

Actually this pair a quite cute – and the world needs more kittens.


This is my personal favourite. Nice motor though – it may be a tad post victorian.

And of course, after the Christmas joy, I must also wish you a very happy New Year


Be careful out there children – 2017 is the year of the giant killer hornets.

Last call for the Christmas fair

Hot on the heels of our Chelsea photographs – here is another late blog – this one a quick plug for the PBFA Kensington Christmas Fair.

It starts tomorrow (Saturday 3rd December) at 11am. This year, we are in the Hilton Olympia Hotel – so please do come along to visit, and bring wheelbarrow of cash for all the lovely items that will no doubt be on sale.

For many of us, this will be the last fair of the year, so I hope you will be able to join us.

Ho Ho Ho.

Belated Chelsea Blog

We may be a little behind the times here at Harrison-Hiett, (We are old booksellers after all), but we have finally caught up clearing out our photographs. 

This year saw another fine ABE Chelsea book fair – with many thanks to Graham York, Giles Lyons, and the rest of the crew. Takes certainly seemed healthy from Graham’s reports, and it felt like there were plenty of visitors passing through.


 The view from the stage. Marianne and Camilla working hard to the left. 

The Annexe (where my stall was) & Graham attempting a complex operation during the show.


Our stand at the show.