Not Just Me & Never a Cross Word.

It isn’t only me !!!

I was in Waterstones the other day (I know – just looking at recently published titles – honest Your Honour), when I overheard the following.

“Hello, can you point me to the sellotape, and the children’s toys please”

“Children’s toys madam, we don’t sell children’s toys”

“Why not, you should do”

“No, we sell books madam”

“Why don’t you sell children’s toys?”

“Because we are a bookshop, why don’t you try Woolworth’s opposite”

“You mean this isn’t Woolworths…. Well why didn’t you tell me?”

So other bookshops do get them as well.

Image result for cartoon second hand bookshop

First published September 2007.

Bloke walks into the shop and presents me with a slightly crumpled book of crossword puzzles, which he hopes I will purchase from him. In my nicest voice, I decline his generous offer (Well not so generous – he wants my cash).

His reply is to ask “Why wont you buy it, my wife has only done some of them – there’s plenty more for someone else to do”

What do you say to that ? Come on – how can I reasonably respond ?

(I stuck by my ‘no’ by the way).

First Published September 5th 2005.

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