About Me

This blog has been brought to you by the letter M.  Marc is the Harrison part of Harrison-Hiett Rare Books.  Harrison-Hiett is a small, family business based in Wimborne, Dorset. We also have offices down the road in Blandford Forum. We sell books online, and also exhibit at a number of PBFA and ABA fairs throughout the country (particularly in the South West).  I have been a full time bookseller for over 15 years and am a member of the PBFA and the ABA / ILAB. I am currently the Chairman of the PBFA.

Marcia brings the Hiett part (using her maiden name) and is co-manager with me of the PBFA International Fair (London), and the Poole Book Fair. Marcia is responsible for the marketing of Harrison-Hiett, and (for her sins) attempts to keep my purchasing in check.  I suspect you will see her influence on this blog on occasion.

Thank you for visiting our blog and I hope that you can visit our website www.harrison-hiett.com I hope to meet you at a book fair near you soon.

One thought on “About Me

  1. I like your idea of having a database of persons able to translate title pages of books in strange languages and scripts. I have come across that a few times in my 20 years as a bookdealer, ie with Russian/Cyrillic, Greek, and Turkish as well as Arabic in some form.

    In turn, I am often approached by dealers in SA to decipher German or other older title pages which are written in Gothic script/ Fraktur – which I am quite able to read/translate. I would be willing to do this service free, for a once-off.


    Arne Schaefer


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