Budapest ILAB fair 2016

For our first international foray, Marcia and I decided to pop over to Budapest.  This may not strike you as an obvious choice – but it had some excellent advantages. Budapest was Marcia’s main choice of holiday destination this year – so that was a good start. Then there was the fact that the fair was running alongside the ILAB Congress for 2016. We felt that we had every chance to sell some items to ILAB members from around the world. Thirdly was the fact that our old mucker Graham York, was driving his van there with Jan – so our stock could get a lift, and we could swan in on a jet plane!

Here are a few photographs and a couple of little videos from our time at the fair:

The Danube at night:


The Hungarians do like their books – and in the centre of a pedestrian walkway was this rather fabulous fountain:

The fair was held overlooking the river Danube, in the city’s concert hall, a rather beautiful venue in the heart of the capital.


We were very pleased to see some nice signage outside.


Here is the before and after of our shared stand:

Graham and Jan consider their efforts, whilst Marcia welcomes customers.

At least until she sees the prices we had put on some items:

Graham didn’t feel too well after our first meal out – perhaps we should have paid more attention to the name of the restaurant:

And at the end of the fair, a well earned glass of Champers at the New York Cafe in Budapest before heading home.


That’s it for now. By the time you see this, I shall be returning from the Amsterdam book fair – so hopefully will have some photos / videos / gossip from there. Eg veled.

A Video Vignette of Graham York

This is the first of what (I hope) will become a series of Video Vignettes for this blog. My grand plan (such as it is) will be to focus on people connected to the Rare Book Trade, and some items that catch my eye.  In the lead up to the Chelsea book fair, it is fitting that I start with Graham York from Honiton, who is the fair manager of the Chelsea fair.

If you haven’t yet got your ticket for Chelsea, then it is not too late – you can get one by clicking on the logo beneath.

chelsea logo

I hope to see you there. Don’t forget to come and say hello at stand 59 (In the small hall). Gifts of chocolate rarely offend!